Make us your go-to suspension shop in Great Falls, MT

Does it feel like your car is giving you too much feedback? Your suspension is designed to absorb bumps so you can have a smooth ride. If your ride is anything but smooth, it may be a suspension issue. Luckily, Hugh's Diesel & Auto Repair offers suspension repair services in Great Falls, MT.

We'll get your car driving like a dreamboat again. Contact us today to arrange for suspension repair services.

When should you get your suspension repaired?

Over time, potholes and bumps are going to cause wear and tear to your suspension. You'll need to come to our suspension shop if:

  • Your tires are wearing unevenly
  • You hear strange noises coming from your vehicle
  • You feel the body of your car dip when you apply the brakes

Don't wait to get your suspension fixed. If you do, your issues could get worse. Call us at 406-866-0113 to schedule services at our suspension shop.